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The meditation and friends smile again - elevating the roots rock sound featuring music from Glen Washington, Don Angelo and Al Campbell

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2024 • April • EUROPE

Join us live across UK to experience our legendary roots rock reggae sound first-hand.




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So Stressed

We the people are not as free as we would like to be… and I see I’m so stressed, oh, Lord…. The Meditations


Roots, Rock, Reggae

The Meditations - Ansel Cridland, Danny Clarke and Winston Watson collective known as The Meditations, recorded their first hit single woman is like a shadow in 1974 at Channel One Recording Studio. The group made it’s mark and sealed their place as reggae legends with the release of the first two albums Message From The Meditations and Wake Up produced by Dobby Dobson. Soon after came the third album Guidance Produced by Ansel Cridland.

Known internationally as Jamaica’s legendary harmony trio. The Meditations have captured the hearts of Reggae fans globally. This led to collaborations with Lee Scratch Perry. Scratch, who were producing for Bob Marley And The Wailers at the time, asked them to do background vocals on Punky Reggae Party with Bob on lead vocals. Bob Marley was so pleased with their harmony that he went in search for the group to do more backing vocals for him. He requested harmony and background vocals on songs like Rastaman Live Up and Blackman Redemption. In fact, The Meditations’ harmonic vocals can be heard on some of your favorite tracks such as Bongo Man , Youths Them A Cry by Jimmy Cliff, and Mr. Cop by Gregory Isaacs to name a few.

In 1983 Linval Thompson produced The Meditations fourth album titled No More Friend. Originally, this album was a solo project between Linval and Ansel Cridland. This was during the time that Ansel took a break from the band, prompted by a bad leg injury. He remain at home in Jamaica, while his band members Winston Watson and Danny Clarke resided in the United States, where they were touring and also working on an album of their own, titled For The Good Of Man. Linval convinced Ansel to get back in the studio and get focused on being a solo artist but Funny enough , upon the completion of the album , Ansel decided to release it under The Meditations instead of under his solo name of Ansel Meditations. He titled the album No More Friend, which became such a major success , it prompted the band to reunite ones again, touring under The Meditations banner. It led to numerous tours throughout the United States and Europe, expanding their fanbase even more. However ,they were not completely united , they still had some internal issues to resolve. After some time had passed, Ansel decided to put the band back together officially. That decision led to the release of another masterpiece, titled Return Of The Meditations, produced by Ansel Cridland in 1993 on Heartbeat records. Ansel followed up by sitting in the producers chair once again. Producing The Meditations Ghetto Knowledge on the Easy Star Label in 1999 and then producing Stand In Love in 2004 but this time on his own label, Meditations Music, on which he has released numerous singles over the years. In 2011 He collaborated with yet another great producer , Philip Smart. Together they produced an album titled Dangerous Society, which most definitely reflected the times that we’re living in. The Meditations are dedicated musicians, writers, and producers who have been rocking stages and venues for more than forty years and are still touring to this day.

The Meditations Forever….

One of the legends who has sculpted the Roots Rock sound with years of contributions to this music called Reggae.

As part of the foundation of reggae music, The Meditations have over forty years of producing, writing, arranging, and performing. They performed at the historical One Love Peace Concert in 1978 at the request of Bob Marley. Legends like Jimmy Cliff, Sly and Robbie, Philip Smart, Willie Lindo and Gregory Isaac are a few of the people that they’ve worked with. Their contributions have sculpted the sound of Roots Rock Reggae over the years, making The Meditations a fundamental and essential part of Reggae music. So therefore, when the other 2 original members were unable to continue the works, due to health and legal issues, Ansel had no choice but to keep the legacy alive. Joining forces with long time keyboard player / vocalist Laury Webb ,who is also featured on The Good Of Man album and vocalist Daddylion Chandell, they’ve been touring as The Meditations for over 10 years. A new sound, a new feel, yet reminding true to the culture and origins of the band.

Touring together , their live performance have been praised by fans internationally , expanding their fanbase and introducing them to a new generation of music lovers. They’ve performed for massive crowds at venues like the Red Rock Amphitheater twice in seven years. And returning in 2013, to bring back Reggae On The River, a festival first opened by The Meditations and The Itals more then 29 years ago.

Criss crossing the United States year after year, embarking on journeys over waters to Africa in an attempt to quench the thirst for Meditations music worldwide . On January 29,2010 Ansel performed for exhilarated fans at The Parker Place(in Abidjan, Ivory Coast). This resulted in the culmination of a great live album, titled Ansel Meditations Live In Africa. This album captured an energetic performance from the veteran, sealing a monumental moment in time. Together , they’ve toured almost every year since joining forces, recently completing an autumn tour In November of 2017 and they started off 2018 with a bang, performing at the world famous B.B.KINGS in New York City on January 7th.

Without doubt , they’re loved and the thirst for their music is as strong as it always been.

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